Bronwyn is an accredited, registered member with The Australian Traditional Medicine Society. A graduate of the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine with a Health Science degree in Naturopathy, she has a passion for healing, offering compassion, support and the tools to help create the healthy life you seek.

Her special interests lie in mood, anxiety, addiction, weight loss and hormonal disorders. She has a holistic focus working with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health and the development of self-empowerment and positive thinking.

Bronwyn has helped many clients with other conditions including I.B.S, Crohn’s, cardiovascular disease, menopause, P.M.S, fibroids, low libido, erectile dysfunction, allergy, nutritional deficiencies and healthy vegetarian eating.

For some time, Bronwyn has successfully consulted with people to help them lose and maintain their weight. She developed a successful program based on good nutrition, exercise, portion control, behaviour modification and helpful tips from her own personal experience. Key to Bronwyn’s program is the “one change at a time” focus, creating easily maintained healthy habits. Her program empowers clients with knowledge, educating them on protein, fat, carbohydrate, how to read and understand nutrition panels, as well as the use of visual aids for portion control.

Bronwyn is currently engaged as an in-store Naturopath at Warburton Pharmacy where she also consults privately.