What is Human Design?

Human Design is a new, cutting edge personality assessment tool, that provides accurate and powerful insights to help you let go of conditioning, connect with your authentic self and re-define the story of who you are. A synthesis of Ancient Wisdom and Quantum Science, Human Design is a cross-cultural, archetype system that provides a manual of your own unique nature, showing your purpose, strengths and gifts.

The Human Design Chart

Within the chart there is also a body graph, a diagram that is likened to the tree of life and the Kabbalah. Within this body graph there are nine centres that correlate to the chakras. Representing the flow of life-force energy within the body, these energy centres open and close like valves, receiving, modifying and assimilating the energy. This exchange of energy creates our perception, awareness, instinct and behaviours and then flows back out of us, connecting with everyone around us. The original Chakra system has 7 centres, however in Human Design both the heart centre and the solar plexus have split, giving a total of nine.

Connected to these energy centres are 36 channels through which the energy flows, further modifying and enhancing the expression of energy into specific traits, qualities and abilities. At each end of these channels is a number determined by the 64 gates that represent the DNA of your true nature; your genetic neutrino imprint.

The History of Human Design

Human Design was first developed in 1987, by Alan Robert Krakower, now more commonly known now as Ra Uru Hu. Ra spent the rest of his life sharing and teaching the foundations of Human Design. Sadly, he died suddenly from a heart attack in 2011, before furthering his work with a new language system for Human Design that he called “The Awakened Rave I’Ching.”

Karen Curry Parker was a student of Ra’s and both knew and worked with Ra personally, also working for his organisation for many years. Karen has been practicing and teaching Human Design for over two decades and has been “divinely inspired and guided to do what Ra wasn’t given the time to do.” With respect for all of Ra’s work, she has taken the language of traditional Human Design and now delivers it with empowering, higher vibrational frequency language that she calls Quantum Human Design.

Bronwyn has studied with Karen Curry Parker and is slowly transitioning to use the language of Quantum Human Design. Find more information here.