Food plays a huge role in our day to day lives, providing us with energy and nutrients, as well as comfort, social interaction and entertainment. Good nutrition is essential for the healthy function of every cell in the body, affecting our health both physically and mentally. The benefits of good nutrition are many including healthy weight, increased energy levels, positive mood and good quality sleep.

In Australia, like many other Western countries, we are living in a time where food is in abundance, yet food related disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are increasingly prevalent. Modern food, designed for convenience and sensory gratification, is often highly processed, along with the addition of additives including salt and sugar, to improve taste, preserve, and increase shelf life. Ironically, although food is readily available, as a result of these production methods, many people are highly deficient in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Prior to the 1960s, before the supermarket was introduced in Australia, food was largely purchased fresh and prepared at home. This lifestyle not only offered valuable nutrition, but also the nurturing benefits of eating a lovingly prepared home cooked meal. In addition, the very act of purchasing food brought about an increased awareness of healthy eating and the different food groups, as each food was purchased from a different shop: meat was purchased from the butcher, fruit and vegetables from the green grocer, bread from the bakery, grains, seeds and spices from the general store and milk was delivered to your door.

Good healthy nutrition can be made simple by “getting back to basics” including a wide variety of fresh, whole foods from each food group, eaten in moderation. Eating the food that mother-nature provides offers an abundance of vitamins and minerals, health promoting and disease preventing phytochemicals, all in a form that the body finds easy to digest.

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