What Is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a holistic form of natural medicine that seeks to find and treat the underlying cause of disease. The foundation of this belief is that our body has an innate ability to heal itself, as long as the right environment and nutrients are provided.

For a deeper understanding of health, naturopathy not only considers the physical signs and symptoms, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. From here a unique and personalised treatment plan is tailored to suit each individual.

Modern Naturopathic treatment is science based, whilst still preserving the wisdom, knowledge and practices of ancient and traditional natural medicine.

With the use of natural remedies that are easily utilised by the body, naturopaths may prescribe supplements, herbal remedies, along with lifestyle and dietary advice.

What to Expect in a Naturopathic Consultation

In an initial consultation Bronwyn will take a full case history including family history, your personal history, medication and supplements you are taking, or have previously taken.

To provide a holistic understanding of your health, questions that may seem unrelated or unusual may be asked. Bronwyn will check all your body systems to evaluate their function, to better identify contributing factors to your current wellness.

The consultation will take 60-90 minutes and includes some examinations including iridology, skin, hair, tongue and nail analysis, blood pressure and others that may be relevant to your situation. In addition, you may be referred to your GP for further tests.

A return consultation will take 30-60 minutes, to review how you have responded to your treatments, implement the next step in your treatment plan and discuss any new issues that may be affecting you.

Fees and Services