At the time I met Bronwyn, I was searching for answers to some issues that I had been struggling with for a very long time. I was in a state of grieving over the loss of a “very” loved one, had family relationship difficulties and a number of physical problems as well.

I appreciated, so much, her holistic approach to the situation. She clearly pointed out to me the relationship between what was going on in my life, my mind, my emotions, as well as my body. She helped me to understand these connections and that has led to many wonderful changes.

She gave me strategies to help my thinking and vitamins and supplements to help me physically. These things particularly helped with the I.B.S symptoms that I have suffered with a very long time.

My weight has been a “battle” over the past few years and Bronwyn has given me both the knowledge of food groups and their importance in a healthy eating plan, as well as other tools and “tricks” to win the “battle”.

There is one more thing that I would like to thank-you for Bronwyn and that is the compassion, kindness and respect that you have always extended to me during consultations. I have always felt that I can be myself and be honest about all things, without fear of judgement or embarrassment, thus gaining the most out of my sessions with you.

Thank you again
Jill V

I began seeing Bronwyn in relation to health issues associated with turning 50 and my ever-ballooning weight. Bronwyn was very thorough in assessing the symptoms I presented with and determining a treatment plan that would work for me. Bronwyn took great care in explaining the treatment plan to me in detail, and was at all times very encouraging of my efforts - she is a very compassionate person. The treatment plan involved lifestyle changes in relation to exercise and diet and herbal remedies. I obtained immediate relief upon taking the herbal mixture prescribed by Bronwyn and, by following Bronwyn's suggested changes to my exercise and diet routine, I managed to lose weight and feel healthier. I highly recommend Bronwyn as a "practitioner and mentor" who can assist you in becoming a healthier you!

Justine Stavris
Surrey Hills - Victoria

I would thoroughly recommend becoming one of Bronwyn's clients. I have found her to be most sympathetic and willing to work through my weight and general health issues in a relaxed atmosphere. She can tailor a program to your specific needs, likes and dislikes. My understanding of dietary needs and their application to my day to day eating habits has come about because of that tailoring. Her ability to take an holistic approach is most satisfying.

E. Hayes

Two years ago I walked into the Seville Pharmacy and requested weight loss pills as I was sick of being overweight, I was served by Bronwyn who worked at the pharmacy. She honestly told me that I could buy them, but, they suited people who had high fat diets (my diet was high sugar) and it will cost me $120.00 per month. I back tracked and she told me that she ran a weight loss program and maybe visiting her could help. As it was just prior to xmas, I said give me a call at the end of January. Bronwyn called me early Feb and it was the best thing that could have happened. I subsequently had weekly visits with Bronwyn. Slowly she made changes to my diet and taught me how to recognise better food choices

Two years on, I not only lost 13 kilos, but can maintain it with what Bronwyn has taught me. The most important thing is that with what I have learnt, I can have a bad day or even a bad week, but I don’t throw it in, I just get back to sensible eating. Once you have lost your weight you can relax and eat meals that leave you feeling satisfied, but don’t go back to eating until you have stuffed yourself stupid. Just remember that it is not a diet, but a life style change, and for the better.

When you are ready for a life style change, give Bronwyn a call, you won’t regret it.

Andrea Smith

I was lucky enough to find Bronwyn some time ago. I had a weight problem and with Bronwyn’s help, I don't have that problem anymore.

Bronwyn goes out of her way to help you in all aspects of her profession. Nothing is too hard for her as she gives you the tools to make your life better and one of the best things I found with her is that she can listen. What a bonus, having a practitioner that has this ability.

This is one lady that will go out of her way to help, and I feel she loves to do so.

Anne Cleary

They say that it can take 6-8 weeks for the herbs to take effect, I know for me it was 5 weeks, but I have spoken to people who had positive effects instantly. I went from a stressed, sleep deprived extremely tense person, who only just fell short of eating someone alive, to even more calm than I previously was, sleeping soundly without any hot flushes. The calming effect of the zizyphus is noticeable and now that I no longer have the hot flushes I feel normal again.

J. Schroeders